Women and Profitable Ideas

Blighty Arts Women’s Project

Empowering Women out of Poverty

Blighty Arts Women’s Project, aka Finsbury Park Arts, is a registered charity focused on lifting people out of poverty one person at at time.

We raise money  through donations, with 100% of donations raised given as micro-finance or “good faith” loans to some of the poorest people in society who want to start their own business. To date we have helped nearly 200 women in rural India out of poverty, with all loans paid “forward” to the next person who needs assistance, and we have now expanded our Women’s Project into Rwanda.

We also raise money by providing workspace in London, and in this way we both cover all our overheads, and use entrepreneurship to lift people out of poverty and change the world one person at a time.

Please click Donate Now or contact giving@blightygroup.com to find out how you can give £3-5 per month to our Women’s Projects.


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